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New Scripts, New Tutorials, and a Freebie

Hey folks,

It's been a long crazy week at my house so I must apologize for not having new goodies for you. Hopefully things will calm down for at least the weekend so that I can complete a few more

On top of the craziness at home I have been in the process of opening in two more stores, so I've spent a lot of time preparing and uploading files. I will be opening in the stores this week so watch for sales!

For tonight I have 7 new PSP scripts in my store. All of these have been tested and work in PSP 9 and up. They will be available in my other stores on Monday, but for this weekend you can only get them in my store here:

I also have two new signature tag tutorials for you tonight. One I posted in the sig tag groups but somehow forgot to post it on my blog, so you may have seen

The first is a very special tag dedicated to a very special soldier, Terry. He's on his fifth trip to Iraq…

New Kits, Word Art, and a Freebie

Hey folks!

I've had the most thrilling day today! As I told you a couple of weeks ago I'm going to be a grandma.......woooooo hooooooo! Today we got the first peek at my new grandchild. My daughter had her first ultrasound done to confirm a due date this morning. From the size of the baby she is about 6 1/2 weeks as of today. That puts her due date around the middle of September. Her doctor is watching her really close right now because her hormone levels didn't rise as quickly as they should have at first, but now they are where they should be so everything looks really good. My daughter has turned into PregZILLA so I know the hormones are definitely

I'm of course the proud grandma and can't wait to start buying baby And yep, I've got to show off the very first picture of my

Can you see our little peanut?

Hard to believe in a little less than 7 months this little peanut will be in the world with us. Daddy and…

S.W.A.K. and a freebie

Morning folks!

I've got a new kit ready this morning for you and a little freebie from it.

This kit started out to be a refresh of a retired kit called "With Love". After I began redoing the things in the kit that I didn't like, it kinda took on a brand new look because there was so much of it wasn't happy So I added a lot of new elements, remade all but two of the papers, and even added the creamy white color to the pallet. There are a few leftover elements from the old kit that some of you may recognize.

I do hope you like the kit. I had a lot of fun putting this one together.

Kit is available in scrapper and tagger size. Both are set at 300dpi for those of you that use the kits for printing projects.

'S.W.A.K.' is a fun valentine kit full of hearts and kisses. Includes lots of hearts,
bows, ribbons, frames, a cutie pie cupid, and many other elements. Papers include 15
textured Valentine themed papers and two laced edge papers (1 s…

Lots of Designer Goodies!

Hey folks!

I've got lots of designer goodies for you tonight. I've been in a script writing mood in the process of designing kits so I thought I would share them with you tonight and I promise that new kits are

I've got 8 new scripts for you tonight and a grab bag of goodies!

But before I get to the goodies, I wanted to let you know I will be opening in a new store tomorrow during the grand opening. I haven't gotten everything uploaded there yet, but check it out for some great deals from some awesome designers at...

Dazzling Scraps

And of course there is always a new freebie! I found a cd with a bunch of freebies I made to give away in a store newsletter several months ago. I will be sharing those with you as time allows. Hopefully they will be new to you.

A Grab Bag of commercial use Valentine Goodies ready to use in your kits, layouts, tags and other projects.
This grab bag has all the goodies I have made in previewing my new scripts plus a few extras.

Valentine PSP Scripts

Morning folks!

It's too cold for me to leave the house and I've got a touch of the flu, so I've vegged out in front of the puter and been playing around with a few ideas. I've come up with three new PSP Scripts for you this morning. You can use your favorite papers or just a plain color with these. You get to pick all the colors!

I'm putting them in my stores right now, so have fun with them!

Valentine Heart Tag Script

This script will make a Tag cluster with a heart and flowers accenting. You pick all colors and/or papers.
Commercial use is allowed. All scripts tested in PSP9 and up.

Eyelet Heart Ribbon Script

This script will make a heart shaped laced ribbon. You pick all colors and/or papers.
There are two separate scripts. One script for when you use papers to make your ribbon and one script for when you use a
color to fill your ribbon. Commercial use is allowed. All scripts tested in PSP9 and up.

Eyelet Heart Frame Script

This script will make a heart frame lace…

New Kit, New Freebies and a few tutorials.

Hey folks,

It's been a very busy and exciting week for me so far. I found out Sunday that I'm going to be a grandma for the very first time!!! woooooo hoooooo!!! My daughter is at the doctor as I type this so we will have an exact due date when she gets back here, but we are thinking it will be late July or early August. I'm so excited! I can't wait to start buying baby!

She insisted I start making baby graphic stuff so we can start a baby book, so expect some baby goodies over the next months. I have some ready for you today!

I've had a ton of errands to run with the kids the last few days, but I did manage to get one new kit finished also and even got some sig tag tutorials written to go with the new kit. There is also a freebie matching paper pack for you today.

I've also got a sig tag tutorial to go with the baby theme I'm going to The kit I used is one I made last year and the teddy bears are one of todays freebies.


Valentine's Day PSP Scripts and tutorials

Hey folks!

Life's been a bit busy this week but I've found a little time to work on some PSP scripts. I've got five new scripts for you tonight. They all have a Valentine's day theme to them but could also be used in any kind of "love" theme.

You can find my kits in most of my stores tonight, so be sure to check them out. You might even find them on "sale" at a store or

I've also got two new sig tag tutorials for you tonight. These were made by CT members at the United Scraps 4 Taggers store. These ladies did a beautiful job, so be sure to check them out!

This script will make 1 2400x2400 pixel Cupid. You pick the colors for the hair and arrow heads and feathers. Scripts were tested in PSP 9 and up. Commercial use is allowed.
Eye Candy for After Effects 3.1 is needed for this script to run properly.

This 5 script pack will make 1 2400x2400 pixel Valentine Balloon. Five different designs/scripts. You pick the colors for the…