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Summer Romance Bracket Frames & a freebie

Morning all!

I fell in love with the Summer Romance kit so I've made some other goodies to go along with it. I will be sharing them over the next few days with you.

Todays goodies is a package of bracket frames decorated with the papers and elements from the kit. There are 10 frames total but I'm giving you one of them as a freebie! They are available in Scrapper (3600x3600) or Tagger (800x800) size to suit all your needs.

(Click to see better detail of frames)

Grab your kit here.

And here it the freebie bracket frame. It is 3600x3600 300dpi so taggers will need to resize.

Freebie Link has expired.

Back tomorrow with another goodie!
Have a great day all!


Summer Romance and a freebie

Happy Hump Day folks!

Yep, I've finally got a new kit for you today along with a matching freebie. It's taken me a few days to finish this one and I apologize for that. But I do think it turned out quiet beautiful!

This is another kit in the Moments of Romance series that I have been doing. I hope you have enjoyed them so far. We still have Fall and Winter approaching, so there will be a few more kits in this series soon.

Okay, today's kit is called 'Summer Romance' and is done in rich red, olive and creamy whites with lots of beaded and gold accents. There are 12 papers and 99 elements in this kit. It is available in both Taggers and Scrappers size kits.

Lots of previews for you. Click on them to get a bigger view. And don't forget the freebie at the end of this post.

Kit contains:
12 Papers
3 Beaded Frames
1 Beaded Heart
5 Beaded Strings
5 Lace/Crochet Borders
11 Bows
6 Butterflies
6 Buttons
7 Flowers
3 Flower Sprays
6 Lace Frames
3 Gold Heart Frames
3 Glitter Heart D…

Blog Sale and some Freebies!

Hey, hey folks!

Hope everyone's weekend is going to be a good one. I'm going to spend So look for a brand new kit Monday sometime.

And because I have nothing new to offer you for the weekend I thought I would have a sale! All kits, CU Elements and Scripts on my blog are on sale.

Please note that all kits are available in both Scrapper and Tagger size, even if I don't have the kit listed for sale on my blog. You can still order the tagger sized version!

I have also started a QueenBrat Membership Club. Membership is for 3 months for $25.00. You get your choice of any 5 older kits plus any new kits made during your membership period for that $25.00 fee. (CU elements and scripts are not included in the membership, only the kits.)

Place your orders below:

And now a few freebies!
A very sweet CT at Do It Digi made these layouts by the name of Debbie. You can view her gallery here or visit her on her blog and say thanks here.

There are three qu…

Showing off a few Sig Tags

Evening all,

Tonight I'm just showing off a few signature tags that I have made recently using my scrap kits. I haven't written tutorials for these yet, but if anyone sees one that they would like a tutorial to just let me know. It will jump to the top of my list!..:o)

I also wanted to let you know that I have reopened membership to my always list for a short while. It will close with the 100th member and only reopen when membership drops back off. So if you like my tags and promise to pick them up jump on over to my yahoo group and sign up:

This tag was done using my "Delicate Blues" scrap kit and the beautiful artwork of Carlos Cartagena. You can purchase the scrappers kit here and the taggers kit at Tantrum Scraps. Artwork can be purchased at MPT.

This tag was done using my "Animal Magnetism" scrap kit and the beautiful artwork of Keith Garvey. You can purchase the scrappers kit here and the taggers…

Emo Girl Scrap Kit and a Freebie

Afternoon all!
I have another new kit ready today and it's definitely a little different from my normal! This one was inspired by a tag I was making for my tag group. I had nothing to go with the tube so I had to make some things and it bloomed into a full I hope some of you can use it.

It's a small kit...6 papers and 76 elements. Both scrapper and tagger size is available.

There is also a freebie below!

Kit includes:
6 Papers
1 Bead String
6 Belts
5 Bows
3 Brads
3 Buckles
6 Buttons
3 Cardboard Journals
2 Flowers
1 Flower Pot
7 Frames
2 Sun Glasses
3 Glitter Hearts
3 Journal Papers
4 Paper clips
2 Pockets
6 Ribbons
4 Skulls
1 Skull Key chain
1 Staple
3 Glitter Swirls
6 Tied Ribbons
4 Word Art

Grab your kit here.

And now the freebie.

Today's freebie is a matching decorated journal to the Emo Girl kit. There is no background on the journal. I put it here for display only. It is full size 300dpi so taggers will need to resize this.

Link has now expired



Sharing some Layouts

Just wanted to share a few layouts with you tonight that my wonderful creative team ladies have made using my kits.

The first is by Ivory using the "Animal Magnetism" kit.

This one is by Donni using the "Birthday Wishes" kit.

Another by Ivory using the "Animal Magnetism" kit.

A brand new one by Donni using the new "Whitewashed" kit.

Another by Ivory using the "Animal Magnetism" kit.

These two ladies have done an awesome job with these!! Thanks so much you two!

Whitewashed Scrap Kit with a freebie

Evening folks,

I got this one done a little early so I thought I would go ahead and post it tonight. The kit is called "Whitewashed" and as you can see in the preview is a beachy, whitewashed kit. The kit has 8 papers and 88 elements plus an alpha in all caps and includes numbers and the most used symbols. I had a lot of fun making this one! Making the elements was a blast. I had never tried a sandcastle

Hope someone finds this one useful. You can purchase it in full scrapper size or tagger size at an introductory price until Thursday, July 24th.

You can download the freebie below!

Kit includes:
8 Papers
3 Algae
1 Anchor
1 Beads on a String
4 Binder Clips
8 Bows
4 Brads
4 Butterflies
8 Buttons
1 Chair
4 Fasteners
1 Fence Border
3 Fish
4 Flowers
1 Flower Spray
3 Folded Ribbons
4 Frames
4 Journals
4 Paper Clips
8 Ribbons
5 Sachets
1 Sand Castle
1 Sand Tile
1 Seahorse
1 Staple
1 Starfish
4 Umbrellas
5 Wraps

Plus 26 letter alpha in caps, numbers 0-9, and symbols @ © " , . ? !&


Commercial Use Designer Elements

Morning All!

I had a request for some designer tools by a very nice lady who makes cards with my scrap kits, so I thought I would offer them to everyone. These are commercial use products but please read the TOU that comes with them for details on usages.

There are leaves for your flowers, an overlay pack, some glittered swirls, and a pack of glittered patterns to use as fills in your creations.

The Rainbow packs match with my "Rainbow of Bows" and "Rainbow of Ribbons" packs that are also available here on my blog here.

Hope you find them useful!

Be sure to click the pics to see the full preview details.

Grab your set here.

Grab your set here.

Grab yours here.

Grab yours here.

Animal Magnetism and a freebie

Hey folks,
Hope everyone had a great weekend and snagged up all the blog train freebies. I know I normally have a new kit for you on Monday's, but yesterday was my son's 18th birthday and I took the day to surprise him with a cookout and cake when he came home from work.
So today I had to get the new blog layout up and upload all the files for the new kit before I could release it to

As you can see I redid the layout of the blog with my new kit "Animal Magnetism". It's a little different from my other kits, but I love animal prints. Hope you do too!

The new kit has 18 papers, 123 elements, and 5 curled edge papers. Total kit size is 300mb for the full scrappers kit and 39mb for the taggers. It's huge!!

And to answer a lot of questions I've been tagger size kits are exactly like the scrapper kits with the exception that the papers are 700x700 and elements are reduced to 35%. DPI on the tagger kits is 72. They are made with the mak…

Summer Blog Train and Weekend Sales!

Hey folks!!!

Have I got a sweet surprise for you. Twenty-two (22) designers have gotten together for a Summer Blog Train with lots and lots of free goodies for you. All you need to do is go from blog to blog and collect the goodies. Everything is color co-ordinated so you should end up with a huge mega kit!

To start you off here is what I made for you. I haven't given away a full kit in a while so I thought this was the perfect time!

And to satisfy everyone I'm giving away both the Scrapper size and the Tagger size kits.

Link has now expired

Wait! Wait! I've also got a sale going on at Scrap It Sassy from now until the 21st everything over $3.00 is 50% off. Stop by and check it out!


Tantrum Scraps

Bird N Bees Kit and a vent

Morning folks,

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! I know my children and I enjoyed ours. This was the first year I have had them all home for the 4th in a few years. We even went to the local street fair and my daughter got to see the "rednecks" After three years in the big city of Palm Beach, FL it was an treat for her.

Before I show you my newest kit and give you the freebie, I do have a little vent to share. I post this as a warning to all the designers, CT's, ect...that are joining stores to sale their products or make LO's.
As some of you may have noticed I left a store where I was selling my kits. The reason for this was because the store owner kept changing our contract and insisted on everyone participating in sales anytime she wanted to have one. The major change in the contract that disturbed me was the fact that she decided to start paying us every other week instead of every Sunday as stated in our contract. The sales bec…

Charity Kit Sale at Tantrum

Morning folks,

I have a very special kit to show you today that I took part in.
It's MEGA Collaboration Charity Kit for only $5.00
This kit is for a very special little girl named Hailey.
To read more about Hailey please visit Make A Child Smile
119 MB, 13 Designers, 119 Papers, 400 Elements
100% Sales of this kit go to Hailey This kit is TAGGER sized!
Papers are 700x700 72dpi
This preview is one that took an element out of each of the 13 designers kits that the made. There is just too much in the kit to show everything!!!

Below is what I made to go in the kit.

Remember there are a total of 119 Papers & 400 Elementsfor only
$5.00. Pick up your MEGA kit today!

P.S. While there remember my sale on taggers kits and other goodies. Everything is $2.00 or LESS!!!!

Independence Day Sale!

If you are looking for tagger sized kits, now is the time to grab them. You won't see them this cheap again til Christmas!

Sale includes all my kits, scripts, elements & grab bag priced over $2.00.

Sale starts now and runs through Monday, July 7th.

More sales starting soon at my other stores. Watch for future post!

Happy Independence Day!!!


Doin' It Redneck Style

I've finally started writing a few tutorials again. Tonights is called "Doin' It Redneck Style" because...well us redneck have a different way of celebrating than you city folks......lmao. I used my tagger size 'Stars and Stripes' kit in this one.

Doin' It Redneck Style

And if you need the kit you can snag it here.

Hope you have some fun with this one!