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Weekend Mini Freebie Kit

How about a weekend mini freebie kit? Just something I was playing around with and thought you all might enjoy it. You get everything pictured in this layout, but this time you have to put it together

Kit includes:

2 papers
2 ribbons
1 bow
1 button
2 flowers
2 butterflies
1 frame

You can download it here......but leave me some love first!
Would also love seeing the layouts you do with it!

Have a great weekend all and don't forget about the sale going on!


Mother Earth Re-released!

Another former 'Freebie' revamped with lots of new goodies added. This
kit is done in rich Earth tones and includes 131 elements and 33 Papers.
Also includes 9 each of lovely made-from-scratch lace frames and ribbons.

Kit includes:
33 Papers
9 Bows
10 Brads
28 Buttons
14 Flowers
5 Flower Sprigs
9 Ribbon Slides
10 Straight Pins
9 Lace Frames
10 Paper Clips
18 Ribbons
9 Wrapped Frames

Grab your kit here.

Weekend Blog Sale

Weekend blog special now in progress. Sale will run until Sunday, June 1st at Midnight!

All weekend long if you make a $10.00 purchase you have your choice to receive free of charge any of my $2.99 scrap kits. At a $15.00 purchase you can select a $4.99 kit and at $20.00 you can select a $7.99 mega kit.

To get your free kit follow these steps:

1. Make your purchase through PayPal using the "add to cart" buttons below the kits and elements. DO NOT ADD YOUR FREE KIT TO THE PURCHASE.

2. Email me at queenbratdesigns(at) with the kit name of your "free" kit. Please include the email address that you used to make your purchase so that I can verify your sale.

3. Kit links of your "free" kit will be mailed to you with your purchase links.

Have a great weekend all! Hope you find some goodies you will enjoy!


Designer Elements & Last Berry Bliss Freebie

Hey folks,

I'm adding something a little different tonight to my stores. I'm releasing some of my designer elements for sale. These can be used for personal or commercial usage. I also have an add-on bows pack to the "Dots, Dots, Dots" kit. And the last freebie to the "Berry Bliss" kit has been posted.

Hope you find something you can use!

Chipboard Frames

Product Description:
A set of 8 Chipboard Frames to use in your layouts. Decorate with a wrap
or bow and ribbon, add some elements to dress it up, re-colorize it. The choice is
yours. Commercial usage is allowed as long as you follow my TOU.

Grab your set here.

Gray-scale Lace Ribbons

Product Description:
Beautiful made-from-scratch lace ribbons with the designer in mind. The lace ribbon is interlaced with a solid ribbon for a lace-satin
duo effect. These are usable in your commercial ventures. There
are five different shades of gray-scale to make colorizing easy.

Grab your set here.

Gray-scale Lace Frames


Berry Bliss Freebie 3

Morning folks,

I'm late getting this out to you. I fell asleep early last night and didn't wake back Guess it proves how old I'm getting, huh?

So here is your new freebie from the Berry Bliss kit. Berry Bliss will be on sale for $5.99 through out the rest of today and will go into the stores tomorrow.

This is a full size 4200x3600 and 300dpi. It was saved in psd format so that you can easily
add your pictures.

Link has now expired

Back later today with more new goodies!


Newborn Wonder Revisited

Everyone loved the "Newborn Wonder" kit when I released it as a freebie at the beginning of May, but I wasn't quite happy with it. It has now been removed from the freebies and moved to my store, but I've also revisited it and added a lot of goodies to it. (Also removed a few bits I wasn't happy Kit will forevermore be christened "It's A Baby".

Kit now includes:

13 Papers
5 beaded baby pins
6 Beads
5 Beaded Bracelets
5 Beaded Strings
1 Bead Spacer
5 Brads
8 Buttons
18 Flowers
8 Frames
5 Pacifiers
5 Paper Clips
20 Safety Pins
5 Stick Pins
8 Borders
7 RicRak
5 Stickers
5 Vellum
12 Glittered Word Art
13 Bows
8 Bow Pins
13 Ribbons
1 full Baby Beads Alpha

Grab your kit here.

And how about a freebie to go with this today? This is a set of the little name cards that you find on the nursery cribs. One in each of the kit's colors so you can co-ordinate your layout. Hope you like them!

Link has now expired

Berry Bliss Freebie

Tonights freebie are some scalloped edge papers to go with the Berry Bliss kit.
Hope you enjoy them!

Link has now expired

You can still get Berry Bliss for the introductory price of $5.99 until Thursday, May 29th. See the post from yesterday.

Have a great evening!


Berry Bliss and Freebies

Hey, Hey folks! It's been a long week and weekend for me, but I've got another high school graduate in my house now! Still haven't done a LO of the grad pics, but should get to that tomorrow so you can see.

Talk about a mess... we had it. The company that did the kids caps and gowns came up with the bright idea of an "all in one" cap. Meaning one size cap was supposed to fit everyone from the 100lb cheerleader to my burly son of 300lbs. Yes, they were kidding themselves! We ordered the caps and gowns last fall along with their announcements and such. They finally arrived at the school April 3rd and since that time I've been trying to convince them that their "all in one" cap would not fit the head of my son. Getting no where with them and graduation less than a week away, I contacted their headquarters in Indiana on Monday. On Thursday they sent him another cap to the school, but guess still didn't fit! The local sales rep decided he …

Stars N Stripes 4-ever plus Freebies

I'm back with a new kit and just in time for those Memorial Day layouts!

This kit is dripping in the old Red, White and Blue! Great for those Memorial Day, Independance Day, or any other patriotic holiday.
Comes packed with lots of ribbons, bows, frames and other goodies. Bright, sparkles, and sure to please.

And be sure to snag the FREE goodies below. They co-ordinate with this kit perfectly!

Kit includes:
10 Papers
2 Beaded Strings
1 Beaded Doodle
23 Bows
3 Brads
7 Buttons
2 Corners
4 Fasteners
6 Flowers
12 Frames
3 Paper Clips
20 Ribbons
4 Ribbon Knots
4 Ribbon Pins
2 Ribbon Shachets

Grab your kit here.

Freebie has been removed.

Freebie has been removed.

Spring Sonnet

Evening folks,

I finally finished this new kit. Took me a little longer than I thought. The good thing is you get this kit at a special low price through Thursday, May 22nd at midnight and a freebie to boot.

The kit is called "Spring Sonnet". Something about it just reminded me of the beauty of

Kit is filled with tons of papers and elements. It totals just over 150mb in size.

Kit includes:
28 Papers (three white papers not pictured)
3 Vellums
2 Bead Strings
4 Borders
17 Bows
3 Brads
3 Butterflies
6 Buttons
4 Flower Clusters
3 Glitter corners
3 Doodles
3 Eyelets
9 Flowers
4 Frames
6 Glitter Filled Dangles
3 Laced Ribbons
3 Paper Clips
12 Ribbons
4 Stick Pins
6 Wrapped Frames

Grab your kit here.

And now for the freebie!

This is one of the frames included in the kit. Hope you like it.

Be sure to leave some love if you download.

Link has now expired

Delicate Blues with a Freebie

Hey, hey how about another brand new kit with a freebie. This is the forth kit in the Moments of Romance series. I've been working on this one off and on for a few weeks now and it is a huge kit! It totals over 180mb. It's chucked full of ribbons, bows, frames, and lots of other goodies. Full description is below.

On to the previews...everything is NOT pictured in the previews. There was so much I just could not fit it all in.

Kit includes:
24 papers (300dpi 3600x3600)
2 Beaded Strings
7 Borders
32 Bows
1 Brad
6 Butterflies
12 Buttons
3 Lace Doilies
2 Doodles
8 Flowers
12 Frames
3 Frame Wraps
3 Glitter Dangles
5 Laced Ribbons
3 Name Plates
3 Paper Clips
21 Ribbons
6 Ribbon Pins
4 Safety Pins
3 Straight Pins
3 Laced Vellums
8 Ribbon Wrapped Frames

Grab your kit here.

And now for the freebie. The freebie this time is one of the frames from this kit. It is pre-decorated with some of the elements so all you have to do is fit your picture into it.

Link has now expired

I hope you enjoy the kit! Watch …

Dots, Dots, Dots Revamped

The last kit I have for you today is a revamped Dots, Dots, Dots. Kit now includes more papers, bows, frames, pins, paper clips and other goodies!

A fun kit with lots of color and dots and even some glitter. This kit
was updated after released as a freebie by me. It now contains lots more elements
and 18 more papers.

Kit includes:
38 Papers
2 Bead Strings
20 Bows
9 Flowers
11 Frames
2 Hearts
20 Ribbons
18 Ribbon Pins
9 Paper Clips
9 Stick Pins
4 Swirls
20 Lace Ribbons

Grab your kit here.

The Zodiac Grunge

A glittered and grunged up zodiac kit that includes all of the birth signs.
Ideal for those birth layouts. Kit co-ordinates with my "The Signs" kit. You can view "The Signs" here:

Kit includes:
24 Papers
24 Bows
12 Buttons
12 Glittered Birth Signs
12 Flowers
12 Frames
12 Brads
24 Ribbons
24 Glittered Sign Elements

Grab your kit here.

The Graduate

Kit includes:
35 Papers
8 Vellums
1 Edged Paper
6 Envelopes
1 Blank Name Card
9 Bows
9 Ribbons
9 Binder Clips
9 Brads
2 Charms
12 Flowers
7 Frames
9 Paper Clips
9 Staples
9 Glitter Swirls
17 Tassels
54 Glittered Word Arts

For more detailed previews of this kit just look through the previous post.

Grab your kit here.

Southern Comfort

The first new kit I have for you is Southern Comfort. This is the third kit in the Moment of Romance Series. I took a step back in time with this kit with the patterns and colors as the kit came to life while I was watching the "North & South" series. The kit includes a ton of bows, lace, and ribbons to give your layouts that southern belle charm. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check out the freebie with this kit below.

Kit includes:
14 Papers
4 Vellums
5 Beaded Strings
4 Binder Clips
4 Brads
19 Bows
8 Butterflies
6 Buttons
6 Flowers
4 Flower Clusters
11 Frames
1 Lace Border
4 Laced Ribbons
7 Frame Wraps
4 Paper Clips
4 Stick Pins
17 Ribbons
4 Tags
4 Sachets

Kit price is $4.99.

And now for the freebie!

A freebie layout just for you. Layout is 8x8 300dpi and saved in psd format so that you can easily insert your pictures. Word art and pictures above are not included on your layout. I inserted them to give you a general idea of what the layout looks like. And yes, that is my beautiful …


Ever had one of those weeks that you wish you could just wipe out of your life and do over? This past week has been one of them for me.

To start it off my 13-year-old son decided to not listen to Mom and hopped on an ATV with two of his buddies and go for a little ride. In this area it's nothing to see people riding ATV's everywhere. We have mountain trails around here that draw people from all over the world and people honestly use them to ride on the main roads in a lot of areas. But, being an overly protective mom, my rules are no ATV's unless an adult is riding with you.

To make a long story short, the boys were ran off the road by a drunk driver. They hit a chain link fence and flipped the ATV. Of course the drunk driver didn't bother to stop and see if they were hurt, but the state police tracked him down and locked him up.

The boys were taken to the hospital very lucky to even be alive considering none of them bothered to put a helmet on. My son was the luck…

Announcements & a Freebie

Happy Tuesday all! Just going to take a minute to make a few announcements and then I have a freebie for you today.

First, I will begin selling my scrap kits and other goodies at Do It Digi on Friday, May 9th. This is a big step for me and I am delighted to have my designs in this store. This will also mean an advantage for you, as you will no longer have to wait for me to send you the links when you purchase one of my items. Please add the store link to your bookmarks and check it out! I will have two brand new kits available along with my previous kits on Friday.

Secondly, The Graduate scrap kit is no longer a freebie. You can still purchase the kit in my store on Friday, May 9th. So please check at the Do It Digi store on Friday.

I have added a slide show of my kits to the sidebar. If you see something you like be sure to hit link for scrap kits in the link section and it will show you all of the kits available.

And now for the freebie. I got a new PS action yesterday and was …

Mellifluent Memories

The second new offer today is the second kit in the Moment of Romance series. It is called 'Mellifluent Memories' and is done in warm hues of green, brown, orange, and wine. The kit contains a variety of ribbons, bows, butterflies, flowers, beads, and swirls along with many, many other elements and papers and gold accents. This is one of my favorite kits that I have made.

There is a freebie with this kit below that will be available for a limited time only!

Full kit includes:

25 Papers
10 Flowers
5 Flower Clusters
5 Flower Sprigs
7 Frames
15 Bows
10 Ribbons
2 Shachets
6 Beaded Dangles
2 Beaded Safety Pins
6 Brads
8 Buttons
6 Butterflies
6 Eyelets
6 Paper Clips
9 Straight Pins
6 Sequin Swirls

And now for the freebie! It's a 1200x1200 300dpi layout saved in psd format to preserve the layers. I left the background and frame layers unmerged so you can easily add your pictures. Freebie will be available for one week. So snag yours now.

Link has now expired

Send me your LO's to queenbratdesigns-…

Blissful Blossoms

Afternoon all. I'm running a bit behind today but I've finally gotten the two new kits uploaded and ready to sale. The are the first two kits in my "Moment of Romance" series that I will be making.

The first is, 'Blissful Blossoms', is done in soft blue, green, and ivory hues with a ton of ribbons, bows and frills. The kit is so full of goodies they wouldn't all fit into the previews, but a little of everything is pictured so that you get a general idea.

There is a freebie with this kit below that will be available for a limited time only!

Kit includes:
14 Papers
4 Tags
12 Ribbons
18 Bows
4 Flowers
4 Flower Clusters
4 Frames
4 Ribbon Frame Wraps
2 Bead Strings
5 Brads
12 Butterflies
10 Buttons
5 Charms
5 Eyelets
4 Paper Clips
5 Stick Pins

And now for the freebie. It's a 1200x1200 300dpi layout saved in psd format to preserve the layers. I left the background and frame layers unmerged so you can easily add your pictures. Freebie will be available for one week. So sna…

Two New Kits Arriving Tomorrow

I have two new 'pay to use' kits that will be available tomorrow. This will begin a series of kits that I will offer titled "Moments of Romance". Each will include lots of bows, ribbons, flowers and other goodies all in soft, warm, romantic colors.

Kit prices will be $2.99 for the first 72 hours and then will go up to $4.99. So be sure to purchase yours early.

Kits will include a freebie available for the first 7 days only. Not really sure what it will be yet but I hope you will enjoy them.

The first kit to be offered is previewed in the new blog header. The kit is called "Mellifluent Memories" and includes papers and elements in warm brown, green, orange and wine tones. This tuned into one of my favorites hence the I hope you enjoy it as well.

The second kit can be previewed below. It is called "Blissful Blossoms" and includes soft blue, ivory, and green papers and elements. The LO includes one of my favorite movie quotes from…